Transformation Eve

Things that I have consumed over the past 5 days:

  • Blue cheese with apple cider fluid gel, celery leaf salad
  • Steak tartare with pickle salt kettle chips, foie gras mustard aioli, fried quail egg
  • Snapper, fingerlings, saffron air, roasted fennel, dill, chive oil
  • Carbonated raspberries, raspberry sherbert, pistachio sponge cake, cloudberry jam, white port syrup
  • Wine, wine, wine
  • Sandwich of hot pastrami, corned beef, chopped liver, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, potato latke, on rye bread
  • Fig-infused Irish whiskey
  • Bento box of baked salmon, steamed spinach, ginger cucumbers, and brown rice
  • Green tea
  • Trout mousse, barbeque eel, red cabbage salad, and wasabi
  • Belgian frites with a trio of homemade mayonaisse
  • Wild mushroom waffle, porcini, enoki, and oyster mushroom
  • Grilled vegetables with black garlic dressing
  • Mac ‘n cheese
  • Beer, beer, beer
  • Fried green tomatoes in cornmeal batter, herb goat cheese, and Green Goddess Dip
  • Two baby cheeseburgers, chili dog, pork ribs, potato salad
  • Apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream
  • Chicken schwarma
  • Sherry
  • Dangerously delicious hot rod potato pie
  • Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails
  • Forthcoming: Indian cooking class tonight

I normally do not eat this unhealthy, but considering the Beachbody Ultimate Reset begins tomorrow, I have indulged.  Needless to say, I am ready for the Reset to begin tomorrow!

Day 1 Groceries


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