Day Zero

Healthraiser?  Why healthraiser?

Ever hear of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset?  It’s scary.  I’m horrified.  It’s only appropriate to name this blog, which will document my progress through the 21-day presumed horror that will be the Ultimate Reset, after a classic horror movie.

Based on what I’ve heard about the Ultimate Reset, it could easily be classified as the “demon to some; angel to others” that “will tear your soul apart.”  Okay.  Enough with the regurgitated cheesy “Hellraiser” taglines, what is the Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

As its Program and Nutrition Guide describes it, the “Ultimate Reset is not just a cleanse or detox . . . It’s a no-starvation, multifaceted, life-changing, cutting-edge, ‘this-is-the-real-deal,’ inner-body tune up.”  It cleanses your body, helps you eliminate waste, naturally and gently detox your body, and helps maximize energy production within your cells, and improve your ability to process fuel from nutrients.  Its three phases over 21 days include daily meal plans full of organic and unprocessed foods, a strict supplement regimen, and nothing else to drink but distilled water.  In the end, you’re supposed to feel better and be healthier than you ever have in your whole life – energized and renewed.  Sounds great, huh?

Yes, except it’s the process of getting there that scares me.  I am a foodie, and I love trying trendy new restaurants and avant-garde meals from celebrity chefs.  I love caffeine in all of its many forms – coffee, tea, No Doz, you name it.  Another love?  Alcohol.  Red wine, white wine, craft beer, craft cocktails, champagne, tequila, gin, vodka – shake it, stir it, blend it, shoot it, all of it.

Despite these damning indulgences, I am no stranger to health and nutrition.  I do not eat much processed food or fast food.  I avoid things like butter, sugar (I am blessed not to have much of a sweet tooth), and pasta; and instead regularly eat things like quinoa and kale, and drink Shakeology every day.  I try to balance my unhealthy habits with super strenuous exercise and fitness regimens (ever hear of Insanity?).  And while I have lost 40 pounds since graduating from law school about 3 years ago, my body is not where it should be. I crave more energy and mental clarity.  I drag in the mornings, and my brain constantly feels fuzzy (and no, it’s not from alcohol, I don’t normally drink during the week).  I’ve struggled with my metabolism my whole life.  I also know that I need to take better care of myself due to family histories of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.  That’s where the Ultimate Reset comes in.

Here is me before and after Beachbody programs.  The left photo is from law school about 3 years ago.  The right photo is me today after Shakeology and Insanity:


No red meat, no alcohol, no caffeine.  I keep telling myself it’s only 21 days.  I can do it.  The Program and Nutrition Guide tells you exactly what to eat each day.  I just got to make it and ingest it.  There are three phases, each one week long:

  1. Phase 1:  Reclaim.  You remove foods, such as red meat and dairy, that place stress on the digestive system.
  2. Phase 2:  Release.  Fully vegetarian diet.  You release the toxic compounds that are stored within your tissues, clogging your cells, and blocking proper nutrient absorption.  This phase includes a gentle colon cleanse.
  3. Phase 3:  Restore.  You restore your metabolism to maximum efficiency and eat mostly fruits and veggies.

During each phase, there are supplements that you take.  These include Detox, Revitalize, Alkalinize, Mineralize, Optimize, and Soothe.


My Start Date:  Wednesday, February 17.

I will try to document as many days of the Ultimate Reset as possible.  My husband will also be joining me for the Ultimate Reset, and I will be sure to post stats and comments about both of us.  My hope is that my journey through the program helps others decide whether this is something appropriate for them, and also to inspire others to take control of their health.  Wish me luck!

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