Day 1

I have no idea how I have found time to write this post.  The Beachbody Ultimate Reset was a full-time job for me today.  Luckily, I had the day off from my day job.

My mother was in town visiting recently, so yesterday, we went to Yes! Organic Market  and bought most of the groceries that I would need for Day 1 so I could jump on in.  I woke up this morning later than I would on a usual Wednesday, around 10 a.m., and got started.

Day 1 of the Reset starts with two supplements:  Mineralize and Optimize.  Mineralize is some fancy pure salt, and you put 10-30 shakes of the salt in distilled water.  Then you take two Optimize capsules, which is supposed to promote healthy metabolism and effective body functions.  Wait 30 minutes.  Eat breakfast.

Day 1 Breakfast


Breakfast was good:  two scrambled eggs, plain whole grain toast, steamed spinach.  Nothing all that different from what I would normally have for breakfast on a weekend.  I added some Indian spices to the eggs this morning to give them a little flavor and kick.  Normally, before work in the morning, I blend up some Shakeology and head out the door.  Actually cooking in the morning before work is going to be a drastic change for me.

After breakfast, I thought, oh what the heck, I have 2 hours before the next action (same supplements as this morning, wait 30 minutes for lunch).  So, I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods for the groceries for the rest of the week.  The Beachbody Ultimate Reset online portal already has shopping lists prepared for each week of the Reset, so luckily, I didn’t need to waste time flipping through the recipe book trying to compile a list.  Believe me, that would taken hours.

I went to Whole Foods via car.  I live in Washington, DC, and normally just do grocery shopping by foot, but seeing the long list ahead of me, not to mention all of the gallons of distilled water I was hoping to buy, I decided to actually drive my vehicle, which is a rare opportunity.

I must have spent a couple of hours at Whole Foods.  This was a daunting task.  I had to multiply all of the quantities by two (since my husband and I are both doing to Reset, and math is not my forte).  I was frustrated to find that many of the items on the shopping list only required a small amount (e.g., 2 oz. of Mirin, a Japanese cooking wine), but I had to purchase an entire 12 oz. bottle of the stuff.  I was able to find just about everything on the list (except the jugs of distilled water I had hoped for – crazy!).  I had to be creative in a couple of instances, though.  The grocery list called for only 1/4 cup of guacamole (1/2 cup for two people), and it killed me to have to turn down Whole Foods’ guacamole, which I am guilty of eating with a spoon while watching television.  The guacamole portion that they sell is WAY more than 1/2 cup, and I could not bear to see the rest of the guacamole go to waste.  That could lead to a dangerous temptation situation where I end up devouring the remaining guacamole.  And that’s no good.  Instead of purchasing this wonderful guac, I opted for an avocado and a guacamole packet instead.

Week 1 Groceries (Not All Pictured)


When I arrived home, it was definitely time for my next serving of Mineralize and Optimize.  Wait 30 minutes.  Lunch.  Lunch was a huge microgreens salad and miso soup.  I had never made miso soup from scratch before, and it was pretty easy.  Unfortunately, with all of the time that I spent at Whole Foods, lunch was not done until 5:45 p.m.!  And I had a meeting at 6 p.m., so I had a bowl of soup, a little bit of salad (not nearly the full serving that I was supposed to have of either), and ran off to the meeting.

After the meeting, I had a mini-breakdown.  I had 5 hours of supplements and meals left in the schedule, but only 3 hours left before bedtime.  The Ultimate Reset was not off to a good start.  I opted to take the next set of supplements immediately, wait an hour, take the next supplements, then wait 30 minutes, eat dinner.  The new supplement that was added after lunch was Alkalinize, which helps maintain alkalinity.  You mix a packet of green powder with 2-4 ounces of distilled water, and drink it.  I have heard reports of this supplement tasting horrible, like swamp water, and people have had to mask the flavor with lemons (query the appropriateness of that considering the acidity) or cinnamon.  I thought it tasted just fine – kind of like liquid steamed spinach.  No big deal.

Since I didn’t really have lunch, there is a huge salad left (probably 90% of the portion).  To ensure the salad does not go to waste, I have decided to swap day 2’s recipes with day 3’s recipes, so I can have the salad tomorrow for lunch before it goes bad.

Before my late dinner, I took the last of the supplements – Mineralize, Optimize, and Sooth (helps reduce inflammation and enhance digestive health).  I actually felt very hyper before dinner, but the energy is now starting to dissipate after eating dinner.  Dinner was amazing, and it was a meal that I could definitely see myself cooking again post-Reset (a world that feels all too far away).  Dinner was baked salmon that I marinated for an hour (recipe only calls for 20 minutes) in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, cilantro, and parsley; boiled potatoes (wonderful to sop up the salmon marinade); and steamed asparagus with olive oil and lemon.  Sorry, no pictures.  I was in a rush to eat that meal so I could post this before bed.

Day 2 tomorrow will test my ability to handle the reset during the 9-to-5.  Here goes nothing.

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