Focus T25

What is FOCUS T25?

  • In-home workouts designed to deliver an hour’s results in just 25 minutes a day.
  • The latest creation by fitness expert and former track star Shaun T—who brought the world INSANITY.
  • Fast-paced routines that are jam-packed with dynamic, high-intensity moves designed for maximum efficiency
    and effectiveness.

t225What do I love most about FOCUS T25?

  • Even on days when I have an incredibly tight schedule, I can always find 25 minutes a day to work out.
  • Major studies have shown that 30 minutes of exercise can be just as effective at burning fat and even more efficient than 60 minutes of exercise.
  • There’s always a modifier on screen, so literally anyone at any fitness level can GET IT DONE with FOCUS T25.

What’s the best way to ensure my success with FOCUS T25?

  • Space. You will need just enough room to move forward-and-back and side-to-side. A small living room space should do the trick.
  • Equipment. The FOCUS T25 Base kit includes one B-LINES® Resistance Band. No other equipment is required—but our Beachbody Minimat and additional resistance bands or dumbells are great tools for helping you achieve their best results even faster.
  • Supplements. If you are looking to achieve your best health and fitness results, Shakeology is key.

Here is a short video on FOCUS T25:


T25 shirt

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