Unedited feedback and reviews of my group fitness classes:

“I’ve done nearly all of the major workout classes, and Insanity Live bootcamp taught by Jill Laptosky is hands down one of the best workouts I’ve ever done. Jill knows how to push you right up to your limit, and her energy, enthusiasm, and exercise knowledge separate her from other workout instructors I’ve had. She also teaches Yoga at the studio I go to, Bhakti Yoga, and is fantastic at that as well. Jill’s diverse range of workout instruction expertise would make her a great asset to any fitness team.” – Leo

“Jill has been one of my best (if not the best) bootcamp instructors. Plenty of energy and fully engaged, always motivating us and challenging us to the next level, she gets the best of us and makes us progress incredibly fast!! Always with a smile on her face, she calls every student by his/her name (she learns it at the first class and never forgets it). I definitely recommend her!!!” – Veronica

“Jill is a phenomenal group fitness instructor! She has the perfect balance of being positive and validating while also pushing you to push yourself beyond your limits. No matter your physical capabilities, Jill will help you have your best class. She is attentive to every person in the class and helps with modifications and amplifications accordingly. You will definitely leave her class with a good sweat and a smile!” – Natasha

“I have been taking Insanity classes from Jill for more than a year, and having her as an instructor has been a pleasure. Jill creates a welcoming environment by demonstrating harder and easier variations for each movement and knows when to push and not to push her students. It’s a struggle for me to drag myself to class after a long day at work, but it’s easier knowing that Jill will be teaching. I will sorely miss classes with her, but am confident that her new students will be in good hands!” – Ben

“I have attended a few classes of Insanity Bootcamp with Jill, and I can say that the class lives up to the name! If you arrived before the start time, Jill began by learning our names and if we had any injuries she should know about. She was genuinely interested to know a bit about us and our background in fitness. Classes themselves were great – Jill brought great music and provided really good instruction and support. They were really intense! She had also designed classes so that there would be a payoff for attending over and over, because we would learn her style and improve in our form. Overall, classes were great and I would highly highly recommend her as a coach.” – Anonymous

“Jill’s bootcamp class is everything you could ask for in a fitness class — it’s challenging but always so upbeat and fun. I appreciate that I can incorporate the body weight workouts I learn into my own personal routine and the circuit-style — which Jill changes every few weeks — keeps it interesting. More than anything, Jill is such a positive force in the class. She’s the high-energy teacher you need to encourage you to take on fitness challenges. She’s friendly, greets you with a smile as soon as you enter the room and learns her students’ names to make everyone feel welcomed.” – Caroline

“Bootcamp has been an important step towards my personal fitness journey. Jill’s energy and commitment creates a conducive, inclusive and exciting workout experience. She’s serious and fun all at the same time. She does a great job teaching the class, which is always different and challenging. I end up looking forward to going every evening. I accredit her for helping me strengthen my physical health!” – Ghada

“Jill has been an incredibly motivating, warm, and creative instructor for the Bootcamp class at the Meridian at Mount Vernon Triangle. For the past several months that I have taken her class, I have looked forward to 7:00 on Mondays each week as a challenging, but fun highlight to set a positive tone for the rest of the week. Jill is warm and approachable, while equally knowledgeable and motivating, striking the right balance between pushing students to challenge themselves and rewarding them with the ability and freedom to find the right challenge level. Jill’s workouts incorporate new and exciting movements and combinations that students likely have not seen before, pushing them to challenge themselves but have fun and smile while doing it. Jill challenges her students to attend class each week, to watch themselves grow from week to week and improve both inside and out.” – Allison

“Jill’s Insanity Live classes are amongst the best group workouts I have ever been to. They are great for building strength, endurance and agility, and at the same time designed so that individuals can adapt the intensity according to their own needs. Jill as an instructor brings out the best in everyone, and creates an open, welcoming and motivating environment that makes students want to come back. I always left these classes with a smile on my face!” – Mia