My Favorite Things

Because life is more than just health and fitness, here are a couple of other products, subscriptions, and services that bring me joy in life:


  • MUD/WTR – I found MUD/WTR after I drastically cut back on my coffee/caffeine consumption during one of my recent rounds of the Ultimate Reset.  It is a coffee alternative with only 1/7th the caffeine as coffee, comprising organic, kosher, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan superfoods and ingredients like masala chai, cacao, and cordyceps.  For $10 off your first subscription, use my referral link.
  • Almond Cow – I am OBSESSED with this thing!  I mean, have ya SEEN my Insta Stories?!  (If not, follow me @distilledjill!) The Almond Cow is this amazing machine that creates plant-based milk in less than a minute.  Even though it’s called the
    My first batch of milk made in my Almond Cow!

    “Almond” Cow, you can make more than just almond milk.  You can also make milk from oats, coconut, cashews, hazelnuts, macademia nuts, even corn and peas!  I haven’t tried those last two yet.  It’s easy, really healthy, and saves me a lot of money!  For $10 off an Almond Cow of your own, use my referral link.

  • Freshly– What I love about Freshly is that, unlike most meal delivery services, Freshly meals are already cooked.  So, the only work required on your part is putting it in the microwave.  The meals are prepared by chefs and are generally pretty healthy – no artificial ingredients, preservatives, etc.  For $40 off, use my referral link.
  • Blue Apron – A meal delivery kit.  They provide you the ingredients, and you prepare the meals according to the recipes you’ve selected.  Includes vegetarian, Weight Watchers approved, carb conscious, among other types of meals featured each week, among normal delicious meals that don’t cater to any specific nutritional need. For a totally free box of meals, send me a message or comment below.  I don’t always have one to give, but if I do, it’s yours!
  • Purple Carrot – This is a vegan meal delivery service!  They also have prepared meals that you can just pop in the microwave.  For a free box of vegan meals, send me a message or comment below.  I don’t always have free boxes to giveaway, but if I do, it’s yours!
  • Naked Wines – Naked Wines members support independent wine makers all around the world.  For $100 of wine, use my referral link.
  • Nature Box – My favorite healthy snacks!  Try the plantain chips – they are my all-time favorite!  For $10 off, use my referral link.
  • Daily Harvest – Daily Harvest is chef-crafted food that’s delicious, easy to prep, and built on sustainably sourced fruits + veggies.  It comes to you frozen.  Their smoothies are out of this world, and make a great base for a scoop of Shakeology.  Their meals are all vegan, but you can always add your own favorite animal products to it if you like.  For example, I’ll often add an egg to a harvest bowl.  Use my referral code RE-YKG63H7 for $25 off your first box!


  • Armoire – I used to be a Rent the Runway (see below) die hard.  But during the pandemic, they cancelled their unlimited service.  That’s when I found Armoire, which maintains an unlimited service.  Armoire isn’t just a clothing rental subscription. They combine data and fashion to curate a virtual closet based on your personal style and the latest trends. Save money and time while discovering your favorite styles with an endless armoire, right at your fingertips.  For 50% off your first month membership, use my referral link.
  • Rent the Runway – This is another subscription fashion service that powers your every day. It’s a closet — and a
    The 2020 pic is a Rent the Runway dress!

    community — that helps women buy less stuff, so you can spend your time, money, space and energy on more important things. Like taking over the world. Or taking a break. Either one. Do you. For 40% off your first month membership, use my referral link.

  • Le Tote – This is another fun clothing rental service.  I’ve found the quality to be a little lower than Rent the Runway, but it is a bit cheaper.  I started my clothing rental addiction here.  For an entirely free tote (crazy great deal), use my referral link.
  • Stitch Fix – Stitch Fix is a personal stylist service.  They’ll send you a box of clothing items tailored to your needs and preferences; pay for what you want to keep, send back what you don’t.  For $25 off, use my referral link.
  • Burgundy Fox – Whoa, if you want to treat yourself with something fun and sexy, this is it!  This is a premium lingerie subscription. Take a style quiz, and they’ll send you a box (subscription or not) with a designer lingerie set and a self-care items (like a candle). High-quality and so fun! For 10% off, use my referral link.
  • Adore Me – A personal styling service for lingerie!  To check it out, use my referral link.
  • Ruelala– Private sales of designer brands added daily.  To join, use my referral link.


  • Ipsy– For personalized makeup and beauty products, use my referral link.
  • 93256452_10102046570842772_2360717843554631680_o
    Fun with makeup from my beauty boxes!

    Birchbox– For both women AND men, here’s another personalized monthly subscription box for the latest in skincare, hair, and makeup products. To try it, use my referral link.

  • Boxycharm – Another customized beauty membership, but this one provides you with five full-size products worth over $125 (most just provide you with sample sizes).  To check it out, use my referral link.
  • Prose– For $10 off of customized hair care products, send me a message or comment below.


  • Looking for inspiration to level up?  To view a list of uplifting, self-help, personal and professional growth books that I have read or would like to read, visit my Amazon Personal Development Wish List.  Feel free to send me a gift while you’re there!


  • Y’all know Beachbody is life for me.  From workouts to supplements, diet programs, equipment, and apparel, shop with me here.


  • Tamed Wild – I call this my monthly “witch box.”  The Tamed Wild Subscription Box is a monthly delivery of magic & earth medicine. Each month is created around a theme and includes items for the earth spirited and the lovers of all things mystical and natural. Deliveries can include crystals, herbs & teas, ritual tools, altar items, jewelry, essential oils & other lifestyle pieces.  Each box includes access to an intention setting ritual that guides you through using the items and manifesting that months theme.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a promo code for this service, but check them out!
  • Lunarly – Lunarly is a monthly subscription box, sent with each new moon, promoting self-care and plant-care with specially curated houseplants and ritual items.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a promo code for this service, but check them out!

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