Insanity Max: 30

What is INSANITY MAX:30?

  • 30-minute, in-home workouts where the goal is to push to your personal MAX for insane results in 60 days.
  • The most challenging program to date by fitness expert and former track star Shaun T—who brought you INSANITY and FOCUS T25.
  • A total-body workout featuring killer cardio and Tabata-style strength workouts that will help you lose weight and get majorly shredded—in just 30 minutes a day.

IMG_20150922_105615What are the unique benefits?

  • Shaun T’s MAX OUT training helps you push as hard as you can for as long as you can, until you MAX OUT—the point when you just can’t do anymore or you begin to lose form. Every workout pushes you to beat your last MAX OUT time, so every day you’re getting better and stronger. That’s how you lose more weight and get an INSANE body in only 30 minutes a day.
  • Writing down your MAX OUT time during each workout makes you push harder, and when you give MAX effort, you get MAX results.
  • Shaun T created over 150 new moves and new sequences that will challenge your body in crazy new ways and get you INSANE results.
  • 30-minute routines that allow anyone to fit this short, sweaty, and INSANE workout into their schedule.
  • There’s a modifier in every workout, so almost anyone can push to their personal max doing INSANITY MAX:30.
  • Several studies have proven that 30-minute training sessions provide equally if not more effective results than 60-minute workouts. So now people can achieve their best results in half the time.
  • Requires ZERO equipment and very little space. You only need your body to get maximum results.

Here’s a short video on Insanity Max: 30 –

What’s included?

  • 12 workouts on 10 DVDs designed to shatter your limits. Shaun T’s killer cardio and Tabata-style strength routines include over 150 new moves and sequences that will get you lean, strong, and insanely fit in just 30 minutes a day.
  • Nutrition to the Max Guide uses simple portion control to make losing weight and getting shredded faster and easier than ever. No guessing, no calorie counting, and no worrying.
  • Max Out Guide gives you the secret to great results with INSANITY MAX:30 and shows you how to track your MAX OUT time so you can achieve MAX results in just 60 days. A must-read!
  • Max Out Wall Calendar shows you which workout to do each day and how to keep pushing your MAX OUT times for maximum results.
  • No Time to Cook Guide is probably my favorite tool! Shaun’s covered absolutely everything about eating on the go, whether you’re at a hot, new restaurant, standing in the frozen food aisle, or eating fast food on the run. We’ll show you the best items to choose so you can always stay on track.
  • 2 FREE bonus workouts:
    • Pulse. Shaun’s version of a recovery workout. It’s a low-impact combo of stretching and small “pulsing”
      movements that’ll make you feel the burn.
    • Ab Attack:10. OK, so it feels like a 10-minute attack on your abs, but you’ll love the rock-hard results.
  • Exclusive! If you order through me, you will get the FREE bonus workout, Sweat Fest! Get drenched as you torch MAX calories, MAX fat, and push harder than ever before in this old-school INSANITY-style workout.
  • Exclusive! If you order through me, you will get access to a free online challenge group to help you stay accountable to your goals.


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