Membership Plans

There are many ways that you can join the Team Beachbody and Team Distilled communities.  From a free membership to a business owner, there are options to suit everyone’s needs.  None of these categories are set in stone.  Coaches (options #1-3) often move around the three different categories depending on their schedules, needs, and other commitments.

IMG_20150916_130115Option 1:  Coach Business Builder

Do you want to fire your boss? Stop working hard on someone else’s dream and start pursuing your own? Do want to make your own schedule and stop waking up to an alarm clock in the morning? Do you want to work to earn 6 or 7 figures a year? Do you want to completely change your life? If so, then becoming a Team Beachbody Coach Business Builder could be right for you! You will join Team Distilled, which is part of the largest, most powerful team of coaches in the Team Beachbody network. So, you will benefit from a large support system, resources, and mentors who know what it takes to get to the top.  Plus, you always get that 25% discount on Beachbody’s entire line of awesome products! To join Team Distilled as a Business Builder, please enroll here.

Option 2:  Part-Time or Hobby Coach

Are you interested in making a little “fun money” on the side to supplement your income?  Many Coaches have full-time jobs or commitments, and choose to Coach more as a hobby than as career.  Part-time Coaches may invite 1-2 people each month to join a challenge group, refer people when it’s convenient, enjoy the community and accountability of being a Coach, and take advantage of the 25% discount that all Coaches get.  To join Team Distilled as a Part-Time or Hobby Coach, please enroll here.  inspire people

Option 3:  Discount Coach or Preferred Customer

Do you love Shakeology, the workouts, or Beachbody Performance Line, and just want a discount on them? Most of the Team Beachbody Coach network actually comprises Discount Coaches.  These are people who have absolutely no intention of working as a Coach or taking advantage of the business opportunity.  They sign up solely to take advantage of the 25% discount on all products.  Why is this worth it?  Because you SAVE more money on Shakeology than you SPEND on the monthly business service fee.  If you join Team Distilled as a Discount Coach or Preferred Customer, I promise never to pressure you to make a sale, and there are no quotas or business requirements.  To join Team Distilled as a Discount Coach or Preferred Member, please enroll here.

Option 4:  Premium Club Member

DVDs are for the dinosaurs!  Do you want to stream world-class programs, such as P90X, Insanity, and so many more over any device with an Internet connection OR your Amazon Fire, Chromecast, or Roku?  Do you want to try a program before you buy it? We have a massive online library available to our Premium Club Members!  New programs and workouts are added every month! The Beachbody On Demand Member Library is updated with fresh content and different programs, so you never run out of on-the-go options. You can sample new workouts from some of our hottest DVD programs that aren’t in the Member Library, so you can find the right fit before committing to getting the best possible results.  You also get a 10% discount on all Beachbody products, including Shakeology, fitness programs, gear, and supplements. Receive personalized meal plans, nutrition tips, and delicious, healthy recipes, VIP access to our celebrity trainers. Rather than coaching others, you get your own personal Coach – ME! – to provide you with all the support, tools, and motivation you need to reach your goals.  To join Team Beachbody as a Premium Club Member, enroll here and receive Distilled Jill as your personal complimentary coach!

Option 5:  Member

Do you already have a program and need support from a coach?  Get your own personal Coach to provide you with all the 11831820_1876832512542291_6875344069294203952_nsupport, tools, and motivation you need to reach your goals by signing up for a FREE Team Beachbody account.  Share advice, get community support, and find workout buddies to help you hit your goals on our Message Boards.  To join Team Beachbody as a free Member, enroll here to connect with Distilled Jill as your personal coach!

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