3-Day Refresh

I’ve done the 3-Day Refresh several times.  You can read about my experiences with it by checking out some of the blog posts on my homepage or archives.


What is the 3-Day Refresh?
The 3-Day Refresh is 3-day program of specially formulated shakes, healthy snacks, and delicious, easy-to-prepare meals that have been scientifically designed to help you lose weight and break the cycle of bad eating while dramatically improving the way you feel.*

How is the 3-Day Refresh different from other cleanses?
Unlike juice fasts or liquid cleanses that are high in sugar and low in protein (which can leave you feeling weak and sluggish), the 3-Day Refresh is scientifically designed to help support your metabolism while nourishing your vital organs.* Plus, you actually get to eat delicious, real food during this program.

Why Refresh?

  • You need a clean break from a period of unhealthy eating.
  • You used to eat pretty well but have recently fallen off the wagon and need some help getting back on.
  • You want to jump-start healthy eating habits for a new workout program.
  • You want to quickly lose a few pounds for an upcoming event.
  • You’ve never been a healthy eater, but are ready to kick-start better nutrition for the first time.
  • You want your clothes to fit better.
  • You want more energy.
  • You love food and want to be satisfied while you lose weight and get healthier.
  • You’ve tried liquid fasts or other fad diets and they simply don’t work.

Here is a short video about the 3-Day Refresh

What does one eat and drink while Refreshing?11755704_10100697946476812_7623139123019140691_n

  • FILTERED WATER: In addition to the water you use in your shakes and teas, I recommend you drink at least half your body weight in ounces of filtered water each day.
  • BREAKFAST: A superfood-packed Shakeology shake, plus one fruit option.
  • MORNING TEA: 1 cup of unsweetened herbal or green tea (optional).
  • LATE MORNING: Fiber Sweep, a digestive health drink.
  • LUNCH: Vanilla Fresh shake, plus 1 option from the Fruit List, 1 option from the Vegetable List, and 1 option from the Healthy Fats list.
  • AFTERNOON SNACK: 1 option from Vegetable List, and 1 option from the Healthy Fats list.
  • AFTERNOON TEA: 1 cup of unsweetened herbal tea (caffeine-free) (optional)
  • DINNER: Vanilla Fresh shake, 1 option from the Dinner Recipes, and 1 cup of organic vegetable broth (optional).
  • EVENING TEA: 1 cup of unsweetened herbal tea (caffeine-free) (optional).


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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