Time to make a shift…

Today, I embark on a new journey!

If you’ve been following me and my journey, then you know that at-home fitness is my JAM.  I’ve lost over 60 pounds without ever stepping foot in a gym.  Yup, that’s me…

turbofire results
My real before and ‘during” pictures!

I’ve been starting to get a glimpse at what’s REALLY possible with my fitness, so I’m

The Shift Shop Agility Markers

ready to make a shift and take it to the next level.  So, my next adventure into at-home fitness is going to be a 3-week program called Shift Shop.

I first heard about Shift Shop at this big health and fitness conference that I went to in Nashville last year, and I was instantly attracted to it.  I love athletic-inspired workouts, despite never being an athlete when I was younger.  (My soul-mate workout is Insanity.)  Shift Shop is athletic and includes agility marker drills, including cardio, strength, and core workouts. The agility markers are a unique way to challenge yourself in the Shift Shop. They help you develop agility and coordination as you navigate around them, reacting to color “callouts” from trainer Chris Downing.  As you improve throughout the program, the markers can be spaced farther apart to add new levels of intensity—meaning that anyone can be appropriately challenged regardless of fitness level.

Since learning about the Shift Shop, I’ve had the opportunity to workout live with Chris Downing a couple of times, and his workouts and motivational styles are inspiring and effective.  I’ve been impressed by his ability to modify his workouts so that anyone, no matter what your fitness level or where you are in your journey, can do them.

07152017 SuperWorkout EM0331-X3
Live Shift Shop workout – all fitness levels represented!

Here’s a short video about Shift Shop:

As the video explains, this is a rapid-rebuild program.  The first week, workouts are 25 minutes and you can eat some starchy carbs.  The second week, workouts are a little longer at 35 minutes, and you’re decreasing the carbs.  The final week, workouts are 45 minutes long and you’re eliminating carbs, while increasing protein, vegetables, and healthy fats.  I’m used to being a weekday vegan, so all of this carb restriction and protein is going to be a little different than what I’m used to!

So… today marks DAY ONE!  My first workout was Speed :25.  I’ll do a complete, detailed review of this first workout later this week (you do it 3 times in the first week, alternating with Strength :25, so I’ve got time to review).  I just wanted to post a little today to let y’all know that I’m back, and I’m going to document this journey with Shift Shop in this blog, so STAY TUNED! 😀

Wanna join me for Shift Shop or some other program?  Please, if you enjoy reading this blog and you’re looking to purchase a program, or need a coach, please use the links on this site.  Purchasing through a link on my site will ensure that you are connected to ME as your coach and let me know who reads my blog!  Once you get your program, I’ll be in touch and plug you into one of my many online accountability groups that anyone from anywhere on the planet can join for motivation and support.  Hoping to hear from you! 🙂

And stay tuned!  Detailed reviews of each workout will be coming your way.