Results: 3-Day Refresh

I just realized I never posted my results from the 3-Day Refresh.  Oy vey.

So, I’ve now done the Refresh TWICE.  The first time, I lost 2.8 pounds.  Eh, not bad, almost 1 pound a day.  The most recent time that I did it I lost a whopping 4.4. pounds!  Now, on a little 5’2” girl like me, that’s pretty significant, right?  Again, water weight did not change, so, it’s not like that was all water.

3-Day Refresh Results

3DR Before and After


The last time that I did the Refresh and lost the 4.4. pounds, I did it after Thanksgiving, so maybe I had a little bit extra to weight to lose (did somebody say turkey?!).  I got to say I really love the Refresh.  It’s a great way to quickly and safely drop a couple of unwanted pounds.  I could definitely see doing this monthly to stay on track.  But, I’m actually looking into my next full-body tune up and starting to plan a date for my next Ultimate Reset!  I would love for you join me on my journey!  Please comment below if you would like to join me.

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