Day 13

We’re almost done with the week 2 detox of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset!  Only one more day to go, then we’re in the home stretch!

Throughout the program, I have been trying really hard to stick precisely to the meals that are planned for each day.  Until recently, I’ve done that.  I had to swap dinner and snack to accommodate the schedule of a coworker’s retirement dinner.  I had to prepare a full day’s meals to bring to a 24-hour Oscar nominated best pictures showcase.  The day following that (yesterday) was very short, and I had to skip dinner.  And today, I discovered that I did not pick up everything at the grocery store that I needed for the next couple of days’ meals.  I somehow just completely skipped over them when I was making my shopping list.  Ugh.  DC is currently snowed in, so rather than venturing outside, I made do.

Breakfast today was seasoned mashed chickpeas.  In preparation for the movie marathon, I had made an extra batch to take with us, but did not eat it at the movies, so we had it today.  No spinach or avocado (as planned for day 13).  I just didn’t have time for those simple tasks this morning.

Yesterday, I was supposed to have Mediterranean roasted beets for dinner.  I decided to have yesterday’s dinner today since one of the things that I missed at my last grocery visit was the Kabocha squash that I would need today and tomorrow.  Since I skipped dinner last night, I did not have the beets ready to go for lunch.  So, right after breakfast, I started getting the beets ready – washing, peeling, and chopping them.  Beets are a lot of work!  And the recipe actually says that 3 cups of beets is one serving.  That’s madness.  That’s a lot of freakin’ beets.  For two people (my husband and me), that is 12 cups of beets for lunch and dinner!  No way.  Not gonna happen.  So, I skipped the beets for lunch and just had the microgreens salad instead.  I got 6 cups of beets prepared for dinner tonight.  The red color still has not come out of my skin and under my fingernails…

For dinner, I had day 12’s dinner (since I didn’t have time for dinner last night).  Dinner was Mediterranean roasted beets, coconut collard greens, and toasted millet.  Before the Reset, I had never heard of millet.  Millet is a grain, apparently commonly used in bird seed, but when cooked up reminds me of couscous.  It is gluten free, unlike wheat, and has a lot of nutrients.  I ate 3 cups of beets tonight.  I do like beets, but 3 cups was a bit much, and I am told not to be alarmed by the colors in the toilet tomorrow.  I think my taste buds might be changing, because the beets were very sweet to me despite the fact that I had not added anything to them that would make them sweet.  The coconut collard greens were pretty good.  I’ve definitely had better greens, even vegetarian ones.  But it wasn’t bad.  And I actually bought a bunch of collards in the produce aisle, cleaned them, and chopped them up myself.  I’ve bought and cooked collards before, but this was the first time that I actually did all of the manual labor myself.

Day 13 Dinner

Day 13 Dinner

You may ask yourself how I get my grains like that.   Fill up a measuring cup (here, the 1/4 cup serving) with the grain, and flip it over.  That easy!

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