Day 9 of 22-Minute Hard Corps

Every time I go to press play on 22-Minute Hard Corps, I experience the same internal dialogue.  This workout’s so simple and easy. Only 22 minutes. What am I really going to get out of this? Am I even going to sweat? Psh. Kid’s stuff.

I don’t know WHY I get so COCKY.  At the end of the 22 minutes, I’m always gasping for air and soaked in sweat.  Today was my second time doing Cardio 2.  While I can physically DO all of the moves, I definitely can’t complete some of them at the pace of the video!  The two moves that I find especially difficult are gorilla crawls and waterbugs.  Since I missed my post about it last week, here’s the format:
The format is similar to Cardio 1.  No separate warm-up.  You just jump right into the moves, but the first move is sprinting in place, so it’s kind of like a warm-up.  Then there’s three rounds of seven moves with a 22-second break in between each round.  Unlike Cardio 1, there’s no bonus or burnout in the final minutes (thanks, Tony!).  There’s a very short cooldown at the end.  Here are the seven moves:
  • Sprint in place – Basically run in place with high knees.
  • Mountain climbers – In plank, keep your hands in place, but alternate your legs so that you’re running in place, tapping your toe on the ground each time you bring it forward.
  • Straight leg sprint – Kind of like low straight-leg kicks.
  • Gorilla crawls – These are THE hardest move for me!  I did a LOT better this time than when I did it last week.  I almost completed all of the gorilla crawls, but these really burn out your legs, especially if you do them right – low to the ground with your feet separated and chest up.  Some of the folks in the video were raising their butts a lot higher, which might be a bit easier.  Here’s a short video of me with my bunny as I do them.

  • Jimmy jumps – starting in a slight squat, jump off the ground and raise one arm, alternating arms each time.
  • Waterbug – I’ll do a video for you of these next time.  They’re also brutal.  You start in a plank, then hop your hands and feet off the ground at the SAME TIME, moving side to side.  Yeah.
  • Frog burpee – Do a burpee, but instead of standing up straight at the top, you stay in a low squat.

Repeat #1-7 for 3 rounds total!

You know what helps make this program easier?  Accountability partners!  My online accountability group really helps keep me motivated to stay on track.  Do you have one?  If not, you should join mine!  Send me an email at or message me on Facebook if you’d like to join 🙂

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