Day 2 of 3-Day Refresh

I just completed day 2 of the 3-Day Refresh!  I’m actually feeling better than I did yesterday.  On day 1, I felt hungrier.  Today I changed some of the foods that I ate and engaged in a lighter workout, and today was a breeze!

This morning started with a glass of filtered water, followed by an Insanity Cardio Recovery workout.  Since I felt hungry yesterday, I wanted to burn less calories in the morning so I could have more stamina to make it through the day.  So, I did Cardio Recovery, which is a lot of stretching and yoga-like exercises.  The workout was followed by Vegan Chocolate Shakeology blended with 1/2 banana and filtered water.  Since I wasn’t feeling too hungry this morning, I went for some tea, which is optional.  Since you have to wait 1 hour between each thing that you consume, I wasn’t too thrilled with the morning tea yesterday because it meant 1 less hour until lunch, but today was fine.  Then Fiber Sweep.  Then lunch.  For lunch, I had some farmer’s market fruits and veggies!

Day 2 Lunch

Day 2 Lunch

1 fruit = blueberries

1 vegetable = 3/4 cup cute little baby eggplants with 2 cherry tomatoes (so I went over the veg serving just a smidge).

1 fat = olive oil

Guilt-Free Seasoning = Himalayan pink salt, black pepper, crushed red pepper, basil, oregano.

I baked the eggplant in the oven at 250 degrees for about 20 minutes.  This was a wonderful lunch and, with the Vanilla Fresh shake, a surprisingly filling one.

I had the same afternoon snack today that I had yesterday (and I’ll have the same one tomorrow too!) – 1/2 red bell pepper, 2 baby carrots, and 2 tablespoons of hummus.  I split the vegetable serving in half to have some more variety.

Finally, dinner tonight was the cucumber and tomato salad, which was very refreshing and super easy! This recipe actually made a lot of food for me.  I also went for the optional organic vegetable broth with fresh chopped cilantro and parsley.  The broth is awesome; I think it really helps fill you up.  And, of course, the Vanilla Fresh shake!

Day 2 Dinner

Day 2 Dinner

I have to admit that I am having a little fun with the 3-Day Refresh – trying to plan out my meals and decide how to combine the fats, veggies, and fruits.  Unlike the Ultimate Reset, the recipes and meals are not predetermined for you day by day.  You get to be creative for lunch and the afternoon snack.

As this day comes to a close, I’m feeling fine – not feeling anything unusual, good or bad.  Though, I did sleep incredibly well last night!  I’m usually a pretty deep, easy sleeper, but last night’s sleep was amazing!  Looking forward to the final day of the cleanse tomorrow!

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