Day 20

Only 1 more day left of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset!  I can’t believe that I am so close to the end of this amazing journey.

Day 20 started as it has every day this week – with the fruit plate of berries, apples, and melon.  When I first started week 3, I was skeptical of the ability of fruit to hold me over until lunch.  But much to my surprise, it’s doing the trick!  I’m definitely hungry by the time lunch time rolls around, but the fruit breakfasts seem to be satisfying me just enough to make it.

Lunch was a jicama-avocado salad.  The microgreens salad that you eat a bazillion during the Reset is supposed to have jicama in it.  But, since I can’t find jicama at every grocery store, I’ve been substituting it with other vegetables in the microgreens salad.  I’ve gotten into the habit of just not buying jicama.  So, this jicama-avocado salad was actually my first introduction to jicama.  I think I’ve had jicama before, but I’ve never bought it and prepared it myself.  Jicama looks kind of like a cross between a potato and turnip, and it tastes a little sweet – like a cross between pear and potato.  It’s not the most cooperative vegetable(…?) to cut.  I thought the salad was nice and refreshing, and I loved the cilantro in it.

Day 20 Lunch

Day 20 Lunch

I’ve rarely taken advantage of the snack option during the Reset.  I think I’ve snacked (on official Beachbody snacks, mind you – not Doritos!) maybe 4 of the 20 days total.  You can have a snack between lunch and dinner, but you only should if you don’t think you can make it to dinner.  Well, tonight, I had tickets to a hockey game, so I had a half serving of Chocolate Vegan Shakeology (one of two Shakeology flavors that you’re permitted to have during the Reset) shaken with some distilled water (nothing fancy) before heading out to the game, knowing that I would not be eating dinner until after the game.

Day 21 Snack

Pens ShakeO

Shakeology did the trick.  It kept me full until around dinner time.

My husband made tonight’s dinner!  What a treat!  Dinner included two new recipes – Asian stir fry and a 1/2 serving of braised greens.  Unfortunately, I forgot that the reason I had two bunches of collard greens in the refrigerator was because I was reserving one of the bunches for the braised greens.  Since I had done a double serving of collards yesterday, all we had left to use was bok choy, which didn’t really create that much braised greens.  They were delicious nevertheless, and I was quite full after eating the huge serving of Asian stir fry, which was so good with the coconut oil!

Day 20 Dinner

Day 20 Dinner

Well, tomorrow is it!  The grand finale.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself post-Reset.  Better come up with a plan fast.

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