Day 19

We’re counting down the days until we’re done with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset!  I forgot to mention that at the funeral that I went to on day 17, I had a couple of people who had I not seen in 4 months remark about how much thinner I looked.  One person actually did not recognize me at first.  Curious about how that was possible, since I had only lost 4 lbs. thus far on the Reset, I decided to weigh myself in the middle of phase 3.  Well, turns out that since day 1, I had lost 7 lbs!  So, the weight is starting to shred off, which is awesome!

On day 19, we spent a lot of time prepping meals for the final 2 days because our evenings over the next 2 days are jam-packed.  The meals for day 19 included the usual fruit plate for breakfast.  I swapped out the lunch for day 19 for the lunch from day 18 because I had all of the groceries already for day 18’s lunch (day 19’s lunch would have meant a grocery trip).  Since I didn’t get to enjoy day 18’s lunch yesterday, it worked out well.  Lunch included a spinach salad of avocado, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  The salad was also supposed to include jicama; however, I have gotten into the habit of not buying jicama.  I have not been using it in the microgreens salads because I can only get them at one grocery store – the less convenient one.  So, no jicama today.  I also had a baked sweet potato for lunch.  Baked sweet potato = heaven.  This lunch was pretty huge.  No pictures, sorry, I devoured this one pretty quick.

I stuck to day 19’s dinner, which was one of my favorites – baked tempeh!  Tempeh, it’s been too long.  Haven’t seen you in awhile.  But the tempeh was only a HALF serving, which means I have extra tempeh, which I would like to eat post-Reset.  However, the transition plan post-Reset says to reintroduce tempeh 2 weeks after the Reset, which confuses me because I am eating it on day 19.  Hmm…I’m waiting for an answer on when I can eat the extra tempeh from the Beachbody community.  Dinner also included the Mediterranean roasted beets and a half of a serving of coconut collard greens.  Unfortunately, I did not have enough beets for a full serving (it ended up being more like half of a serving), so I ended up doing a full serving of collards instead.

Day 19 Dinner


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