Core De Force – Core Kinetics Review

Core Kinetics is introduced in week 2 of Core De Force– the mixed martial arts program developed by Beachbody.  It’s a brutal little abs and core workout that you perform after some of the MMA workouts to help further refine your core.

Core Kinetics

  • Length:  16 minutes.
  • Number of Rounds: N/A.
  • Equipment:  None.
  • Description:  A unique core workout inspired by mixed martial arts movements to shape sleeker, stronger abs.

Format:  There are seven primary exercises that you perform once, then repeat.  Each move is done about 50 seconds each.  After you have completed each exercise twice, you perform a one-minute plank.

  1. Double leg extension
  2. Horizontal leg check
  3. Alternating triangle lift
  4. Hip dips
  5. Left leg repeating push kick, right leg repeating push kick
  6. Hip escape toe tap
  7. Guarded square up
  8. Repeat 1-7
  9. One-minute forearm plank
  10. Cobra (cooldown)

Here’s a time-lapsed video showing the moves from this workout:

The verdict?  This is a great, short abs workout!  The move that I struggled with the most was #5 above – the single-leg push kicks.  It’s really difficult to suspend one of your legs while performing the push kick.  Also, after doing this workout so many times, my elbows did start getting cracked and irritated from all of the forearm plank work, so I do recommend some type of elbow cushion.

Interested in Core De Force?  You have a couple of options to buy it.  You can get a challenge pack that comes with Shakeology, or a performance pack that comes with two of my favorite performance supplements – Energize and Recover.  You can also check out the base kit or deluxe kit.

Need support?  It just so happens that I coach people through at-home fitness programs, like Core De Force!  So, if you order the program through one of the links on this site, I’ll be happy to work with you to help you stay on track and plug you into one of my online accountability groups!

Have questions?  Comment below or send me an email at!

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