Life After the Ultimate Reset

Well, I’m 3 full days off of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset.  So far, so good.  While my goal in doing the Reset was truly to set my body back to its factory settings, rather than lose weight, do you think I kept track of my weight loss stats?  Oh, heck yeah.  The morning after completing the 21-day Reset, here were our results:


My Results:

Weight Lost:  8.2 pounds*

BMI:  On day 1, my BMI was 25.2 (overweight).  On day 22, my BMI was 23.7 (normal).

Fat:  Went down 2.5%

Water:  Interestingly, went up 2.4% (shows that you don’t just lose water weight on the Reset – I actually lost no water weight!)

Muscle:  Went up 0.8%

Bone:  No change

*I weighed myself 3 days after the Reset ended, and I was down another pound.  So far, total weight loss is 9.2 pounds.  So, you don’t start gaining weight as soon as the Reset ends.

My Husband’s Results:

Weight Lost:  8.4 pounds

BMI:  On day 1, his BMI was 22.0 (normal).  On day 22, his BMI was 20.8 (still normal).

Fat:  Went down 1.8%

Water:  Went up 2.2%

Muscle:  Went down 0.3%

Bone:  No change


Now that the Reset is over, I am trying to follow the transition plan to reincorporate foods into my diet.  This first week, the focus is bringing back grains and legumes.  You are supposed to introduce grains first, see how it goes (i.e., make sure your body does not react unfavorably to the grains), then introduce legumes.  I am 3 full days out of the Reset, and I’ve reintroduced 1 serving of grains, and 1 serving of legumes – with one day in between them where I only consumed fruits and vegetables.  So far, I haven’t noticed any adverse bodily reactions reintroducing grains or legumes.  So far, so good!

Day 1 Post-Reset:

The first day after the Reset, I had Vegan Chocolate Shakeology for breakfast, blended with coconut water and 1/4 of a banana.  On the Reset, we could substitute distilled water in Shakeology for coconut water, which I didn’t do during the Reset.  So, I’m using coconut water now before getting into “milks.”  Shakeology has never tasted better!  While I could have had it every day during the Reset, I really tried to limit it only to days where I needed it as a snack to make it to dinner.  So, I’ve really missed Shakeology.  I’m so happy to have it back!

For lunch, I went to my office’s cafeteria.  We actually have a pretty decent salad bar.  I built a salad with spinach, raw carrots, mushrooms, green peppers, sunflower seeds and oil and vinegar.

Finally, for dinner, we went to Le Pain Quotidien.  I had never been to one of these before, and was very happy to see so many vegan options on the menu.  I got a “detox salad,” which had cabbage, quinoa, greens, avocado, nuts, and carrots.  It was amazing!  And it felt so good to have had someone else chop up all the veggies!  My husband got the same thing plus an order of chia seed pudding.  Since all of their sweeteners are “raw” and we could have raw sweeteners on the Reset, I assumed it would be okay for us to have a little chia seed pudding the day after the Reset.

Post-Reset Dinner


Day 2 Post-Reset:

Same routine – Chocolate Vegan Shakeology for breakfast and salad bar for lunch.  For dinner, we made my husband’s favorite recipe from the Reset – the roasted squash.  I added a side of lemon-pepper kale.

Day 3 Post-Reset:

Same breakfast.  For lunch, I added beans (kidney, black, and lentils) to my raw salad to reintroduce beans into my diet and see how my body would react.  For dinner, we had the Reset recipe of Asian Stir Fry and more lemon-pepper kale.

So far, I’m still doing the vegan thing.  I’m going to try to wait to reintroduce animal proteins for 2 weeks, as Beachbody recommends.  I have no intentions on staying vegan (or vegetarian) permanently, but I’m still considering my long-term options as I continue to reintroduce new foods and listen to my body.


I still feel about the same as I did on the Reset.  I’m still sleeping very well.  My energy is still up, though week 2 was definitely the peak of my energy, and it’s been holding steady since week 3 started, though not a strong as week 2.  Otherwise, feeling pretty good!  No digestive issues yet either.


I entered the Beachbody Challenge today!  Every day, Beachbody gives away $500 in prizes, and a $100,000 grand prize!  You don’t have to lose the most weight or gain the most muscle in order to win something.  Plus I get a free t-shirt for completing the program.

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