Day 16

Tomorrow is going to be a very difficult day.  Today, we have a bunch of family coming in to town to attend a funeral.  Luckily, we are on home turf throughout, and we have plans to stick to the Beachbody Ultimate Reset.

I stuck to the Reset diet plan today.  Breakfast was a fruit plate for breakfast, and lunch was my good old friend the microgreens salad and only the microgreens salad.  No soup or anything to go with it.

For dinner, I cooked for three!  We hosted dinner at our place.  My parents visited, and my husband’s mother.  I made an extra Reset meal for my mother, who has a pretty healthy diet in general and doesn’t mind overindulging in veggies.  The other two ordered delivery Chinese.  The Reset dinner included curried cauliflower and lemon-pepper kale.  The cauliflower recipes calls for “curry powder,” but rather than go out and buy curry powder, which is really just a combination of other spices, I made my own – cumin, coriander, tumeric, salt, black pepper, and red cayenne pepper.  The cauliflower turned out excellent!  I am actually one of the weirdos of the world who loves cauliflower, so I really enjoyed this recipe baked in the oven with olive oil.  The lemon-pepper kale was not entirely kale.  We accidentally bought mustard greens at the grocery store a couple of days ago.  None of the Reset recipes call for mustard greens, but kale is pretty similar, so we had half kale and half mustard greens.  I’m not sure if you can really tell the difference in the picture, but the kale is the brightly colored green vegetable, and the mustard greens are a little gray.

Day 16 Dinner


I’ve come to realization recently (and I came to this realization pre-Reset) that I don’t really care for Chinese food.  I’ve never been to China, and can’t comment on authentic Chinese food.  But, what we get here in America at least isn’t really worth the calories to me.  I love Thai, Japanese (sushi!), Korean, Vietnamese, Indian – every other type of food the great continent of Asia offers, as Americanized as it may be, except Chinese.  Something about baby corn and water chestnuts.  Anyway, the Chinese food ordered included Hunan beef, fried chicken wings (Chinese?), and a Pu-Pu Platter, which included deep-fried wonders like crab rangoon, shrimp toast, fried chicken, ribs, and other questionable items.  I can’t say I was particularly jealous of the Chinese food meal the others were eating.  I was pretty happy with my cauliflower and kale, thanks!

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